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The company operates in the wholesale Spetstekstil Ukrainian market of fabrics. Today it is a young developing company with a vast network of partners all over Ukraine.

Wholesale fabric all over Ukraine - this is our specialty glavnayach:

Wholesale-fabric for sewing clothes,

- Wholesale fabric for sewing tourist equipment,

- Wholesale fabric for sewing tents, touring and camping tents

- Fabric wholesale lboy category and scale garment enterprises.

We supply textile products directly from factories in the following assortment of manufacturers directions:
- For uniforms, work wear and uniforms
- For power and institutional structures
- For medical garments and clothing services
- For corporate and evrospeodezhdy
- Catering and food service areas
- For the food industry
- For advertising and promotional campaigns
- For sportswear
- For clothing brand

- For uniforms

- For children's outerwear

- Clothing hunters, fishermen, tourists

- For the manufacture of bags, backpacks

- For the production of tents, tarpaulins

The offered fabrics are characterized by good hygienic properties practically do not roll down, do not emit dust textiles, resistant to mechanical abrasion, the action of light, do not shed, do not break down under repeated washing industry, provide a minimum percentage of shrinkage. For staining of tissue used quality dyes, which ensures color products for a long time. Our fabrics have a wide range of colors that gives the consumer a number of valuable benefits.


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